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Commercial Electric Water Heaters in Tampa

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Olin Plumbing offers sales, installation, and 24/7 emergency repair of commercial electric water heaters throughout the Greater Tampa Bay Area of Florida.

If you are in the market for a new commercial electric water heater, you have come to the right place. We also offer water heater repairs and can evaluate your current commercial water heater system to determine whether it can be repaired or if it needs replacement. Even if it can be repaired you may opt for a newer model that is more efficient and can save your business money on energy costs. Our professional plumbers can help you determine the best course of action to take and the one that will help add to the bottom line of your business.

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Commercial Electric Water Heaters in Tampa

Rheem Commercial Electric Water Heaters

Olin Plumbing is proud to be a Rheem Pro Partner and to offer our commercial customers the full line of Rheem Commercial Electric Water Heaters. Rheem offers both heavy duty and light duty commercial water heater models which have the most diverse tank components in the industry. Whether it is glass on steel, stainless steel, or polybutylene, Rheem Commercial Water Heaters can accommodate the commercial water heating needs of just about any business that has a heavy demand for hot water. Their commercial models meet all current standards including the following: UL, CSA, ASME and ASHRAE.

We've included the tables below to show some key points of the various models that Rheem offers. You can also use Rheem's Certispec automated sizing program, a free online tool they offer to spec Rheem Commercial Water Heaters and find the one that's right for your needs. For further assistance please feel free to give us a call at (813) 443-5820 and we would be happy to assist you in choosing the model that is best for your business.

Rheem® Commercial Electric Models

Gal. Cap. Model #
Rheem® Large Volume Electric Models - Vertical Round
150 EVRO150
200 EVRO200
250 EVRO250
300 EVRO300
400 EVRO400
500 EVRO500
600 EVRO600
750 EVRO800
950 EVRO1000
Rheem® Large Volume Electric Models - Vertical Square
1,250 EVS1250
1,500 EVS1500
2,000 EVS2000
2,500 EVS2500
Rheem® Large Volume Electric Models - Horizontal
150 EHS0150
200 EHS0200
250 EHS0250
300 EHS0300
400 EHS0400
500 EHS0500
600 EHS0600
750 EHS0800
1,000 EHS1000
1,250 EHS1250
1,500 EHS1500
2,000 EHS2000
2,500 EHS2500
Rheem® Light Duty Models
30 ELDS30
38 ELDS40
47 ELDS52
30 ELD300
40 ELD40
50 ELD52
65 ELD66
80 ELD80
119.9 ELD120
Rheem® Heavy Duty Models
50 ES50
85 ES85
119.9 ES120-27-G
50 E50(A)
85 E85(A)
119.9 E120(A)
175 E175(A)
Rheem® Point-of-Use Models
37288 EGSP2
10 EGSP10
15 EGSP15
19.9 EGSP20
30 EGSP30
Rheem® PowerPack Models
12 E12A
20 E20A
30 E30A
40 E40A
Rheem® Marathon Heavy Duty Models
75 MHD75245
85 MHD85245
105 MHD105245
Rheem® Eclipse Models
85 ME85-12
105 ME105-18
Rheem® Booster Models
Input kw.  
6 E10 6-G
9 EG10-9-G
12 EG10-12-G
15 EG10-15-G
18 EG10-18-G

NOTE: All the information in the table above was obtained from the Rheem® website at https://www.rheem.com/products/commercial/water-heating/tank-type-electric/.