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All profits generated from the 'Olin $25 Backflow Test'
are donated to Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital, St. Petersburg, FL.

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Olin $25 Backflow Test

Tampa Backflow Testing Profits Go To All Childrens Hospital

Here at Olin we understand that backflow testing may be seen as pretty senseless to you and it is just another way for the government to make you spend your hard earned money. However, there are hundreds of public water systems in the United States that have suffered because there were not any backflow devices in the system or they were not maintained. That is why we are trying to help cut the financial burden down by testing backflow assemblies for only $25 and we will even do all the paperwork so you don't have to. We here at Olin feel it is our public duty to help ensure that we all have safe drinking water, both now and in the future for our children. In addition to the low cost for this service and in an effort to give back to the community which we also live and work in, we are donating all the profits generated from the backflow tests we perform to John Hopkins All Children's Hospital in St. Petersburg, FL.

Frequently Asked Questions About Backflow Test

Simply put, a backflow prevention device or backflow preventer is a device that stops water once passing through it from returning back to its source. It also helps to protect our public water supplies from contamination.

Federal Law mandated in 1974 through the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA), that the water providers will be responsible for guaranteeing that their customers are provided with safe, clean drinking water. Water systems are very large and the resources to maintain these systems are very labor intensive. For the city or county to maintain these systems it would have a significant effect on our water bill. So, it is up to the property owner to install and maintain the backflow devices. Since the city or county has no control of the water once it has passed through its meter, they don't allow it back into the system.

The backflow devices are mechanical; they have moving parts in them like a faucet. These parts can and will fail over time. To help ensure the device is working properly, it is best to have it tested every year. Also, if you live in an area of high risk for contamination, testing may also be necessary.

Lets say you have a garden hose hooked up to your outside hose faucet and you are filling a bucket that has some sort of poison in it. You walk away and forget about it and around the block the fire company opens a fire hydrant. This action can cause a negative pressure in the water main and cause the hose to start a siphon. Everything that was in the bucket you were filling up now is in our drinking water and you have unknowingly just poisoned your neighbors and family. In addition, the water department can remove your water meter and stop your service if you do not have a backflow preventer installed.

Olin Plumbing charges $25.00 for each device. All profits generated from the testing are donated to All Children's Hospital, St. Petersburg, FL.

Within 1-2 weeks from when we receive all the paper work required.

NO, most devices are outside in the yard.

All devices that are tested get tagged when the testing is complete. Whether it passes or failed Olin Plumbing will put a tag on the device stating the date of the test & whether the device passed or failed.

NO, Olin Plumbing takes care of that for you. We will send all the information to the City or County & we will also send you a copy for your records.

After the testing is complete Olin Plumbing will e-mail you an invoice & a copy of the test sheet(s). You can call into the office with a credit card or send in a check.

Backflow Device Images

Pressure Vacuum Breaker Reduced Pressure Zone Valve - RPZ Valve

Backflow Contamination

Below are some helpful links that can assist you in gaining a better understanding of how critical backflow contamination issues are today. Please take a few moments to explore these sites and the information that they provide.

More Helpful Links On Backflow Prevention

Below are some helpful links that can provide you with additional information.

Backflow Devices

The manufacturers of the DC or RP backflow devices highly recommend that a Y-Strainer be installed before the device. A Y-Strainer is a type of filter that catches debris that travel through the water mains, trapping them so they do not enter the device causing damage. Although the manufactures recommend installing a Y-Strainer before the device, it is seldom done because;

  1. The state plumbing code does not require it to be installed
  2. Most plumbing companies would rather have the device fail year after year so they can rebuild or replace your device
  3. It adds more cost to any estimate and plumbing companies are trying to get the installation

Here at Olin Plumbing Inc., we have over 25 years of experience with backflow devices. We have seen the damage that can occur to the devices that are put in place to help protect our water supply. When we install or replace a DC or an RP backflow device, we always install a Y-Strainer, not just to protect our water supply but to help prevent you the owner from having to pay out money every year in costly repair bills. This is not to say that if you have a Y-Strainer installed, that you will never have a problem. The devices are mechanical and they will fail, but with a Y-Strainer they will not fail as often saving you money in the long run on repairs.