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Kitchen Sink Drains in Tampa

Tampa Kitchen Sinks & Kitchen Sink Drains

Throughout the Tampa and Brandon areas within any given home, it is undoubtedly the kitchen sink that has to endure the most use and abuse. We not only wash our hands at the kitchen sink numerous times throughout the day or while we are cooking that delicious meal, but we also pour many things down the kitchen sink drain and the disposal as well. This is why kitchen sink drains are one of the most common drains we here at Olin Plumbing are called upon to clear and unstop.

Kitchen Sink Drain

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Causes for a Kitchen Sink Drain to Clog

The continual use of dishwashing detergents and hand soaps can lead to buildup within the drain pipes over time causing a slow drain. This can also contribute to a clogged drain as well if we factor in all the other stuff we sometimes allow to go down the drain when rinsing a pot, pan or plate. In order to prevent unwanted stuff from going down the drain you may want to consider purchasing a Stainless Steel Mesh Kitchen Strainer, you can pick one up either from your local grocery store or from Amazon.com for only around seven or eight dollars. This little device (pictured left) for its little price can help prevent a costly clog down the road.

Stainless Steel Mesh Kitchen Sink Strainer

In most cases, however, it is the improper use of the garbage disposal that causes kitchen sink stoppage. When using a disposal you should first turn on the cold water so that when you do feed the disposal the water will flush the waste through the drain. After you have turned on the water you can then feed the disposal slowly. DO NOT dump everything in all at once forcing it down the drain, instead you should give it time to work its way down the drain and into the piping system on its own. In addition, you should never put pasta or rice down your disposal, even though these foods will go down the disposal they will also congeal back together once in the drain causing it to stop up.

Kitchen Grease

Another common cause for kitchen sink drain stoppage is grease. Just about everything we clean off our dishes has some sort of grease on it and it does not matter how careful we are to clean it off before washing our dishes, it still tends to accumulate in the drain line over time and can cause the kitchen sink to drain slowly as it builds up in the drain pipe.

When this does happen, most homeowners will resort to using some sort of over the counter liquid drain opener which is one of the worst things you can do as this can lead to other more costly repairs. Even though the label on the bottle may say that it is safe to use and will not harm your drain, it may not be telling you what it can harm. Most of these liquid drain openers have some sort of acid in them and even though it will not harm the drain line if you have a PVC piping system, it can harm other things it comes into contact with before it enters the drain such as your disposal or basket strainer. Another thing to consider is that in most cases the kitchen sink stoppage is some distance from the sink and the liquid drain opener is well diluted by the time it reaches the troubled area and therefore will not work effectively so you are literally pouring your money down the drain.

The Best Way to Break Through the Blockade

The best way to open a kitchen sink drain is to use an electric drain snake. A lot of people refer to this as a Roto-Rooter machine which is incorrect because Roto-Rooter is actually the name of a company and not the equipment used to clear kitchen sink stoppages.

At Olin Plumbing we use some of the best drain equipment available on the market today. We are so confident that we can clear your kitchen sink drain stoppage that we offer a one year warranty on residential drains, if it will not stay open for one full year and should clog again within that time period, we will clear it for free. You will not find another plumbing company in Hillsborough County including the cities of Tampa and Brandon who will give you that kind of warranty on clearing a kitchen sink drain. Call us today to learn more about this service we offer and our 1 year guarantee. Also, after you have us clear your drain, don't forget to ask us about Bio-Clean, this amazing product can help keep your drain flowing freely and in good working order.