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Sharon Howell

July 7, 2019

Wanted to let you know what a great job Marcus did with unclogging our kitchen drain. Both sinks were backed up and smelled awfully. He was prompt and very professional. We would definitely request him again. Thank you, Marcus

Tammy Rohr Morningstar

March 22, 2019

Just had Vince and his helper here and they did an amazing job. They were prompt, courteous and knowledgeable. Things are working great now!

Casey Neubert

February 25, 2019

Doug was quick, professional, and excellent to work with. He had our garbage disposal fixed in no time and even took a look at another plumbing issue offering a temporary fix fee of change until we were ready for that expense. I'll not only be using Olin next time but I'll make sure that they schedule our service with Doug!!

Mary Monica Roy

January 17, 2019

Doug was courteous and professional, and he fixed my toilet problem in only about 10 minutes — the difference between getting a plumber instead of a technician! I would definitely call Olin Plumbing again and would recommend them highly!

Donna Gilardo Hilton

January 4, 2019

Thank you Olin plumbing and Alex for fixing my garbage disposal which is why my dishwasher wasn't draining correctly and fixing my toilet. Great service, Great people!

Alexa Kritis

November 28, 2018

Joe from Olin Plumbing just left our apartment after rebuilding a toilet for us and did a great job. First I need to recognize Judy and Danielle in the office for getting Joe out here literally 20 minutes after I called. I had to go run an errand, and they worked around my schedule to have him come back later in the afternoon. Joe was professional, friendly and super quick to repair our toilet. We will continue to use Joe & Olin Plumbing for all of our needs. Thank you so much!!

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