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Electric Water Heaters in Tampa

Let Olin Plumbing Take Care of Your Hot Water Needs

Olin Plumbing offers sales, installation, and repair of electric water heaters to all our customers located throughout the Greater Tampa Bay Area of Florida. If you're in the market for a new electric water heater you've come to the right place. With over 50 years of experience in the plumbing industry, we here at Olin Plumbing have installed our fair share of water heaters and we would love it if you gave us the opportunity to install yours.

If you would like assistance with selecting a new water heater, simply give us a call and we can setup an appointment to have one of our professional plumbers come to your location and evaluate your current water heater system. Our pros can determine when to replace your water heater and whether your current water heater can be repaired or is in need of replacement. If all you need is a repair, we can do that for you and maybe save you some money. If it is beyond repair or if you are seeking a newer more efficient model, we can help you determine the proper tank size, First Hour Rating (FHR) and water heater model that would be most efficient for your specific needs. If you select an electric water heater, let us assure you that an electric water heater can be a viable option for a number of consumers in various situations. Let Olin Plumbing take care of your hot water needs by giving us a call today at (813) 443-5820 or (727) 443-2174.

Your Tampa Electric Water Heater Experts

Electric Water Heaters in Tampa

10 advantages to installing an electric water heater:

  1. Electric water heaters usually have a greater system life than fuel-fired units.
  2. Electric water heaters are simple and therefore they are the simplest way to heat water.
  3. Electric water heaters are more easily incorporated into most building designs making them a more affordable option.
  4. Electric water heaters have a lower standby loss since they are better insulated and do not lose heat through their flues.
  5. Electric water heaters require less maintenance than fuel-fired water heaters with their combustion process and complexity.
  6. Electric water heaters can be more efficient than fuel-fired units, especially when it comes to electric resistance water heaters.
  7. Electric water heaters are safer since they avoid the hazards and problems associated with using a combustion process to heat water.
  8. Electric water heaters are more convenient due to codes which may impose special requirements on combustion water heating systems.
  9. Electric water heaters fit more applications since electric service is available almost everywhere a water heating system would be installed.
  10. Electric water heaters are better for indoor air quality since they do not have the potential to release combustion gases into occupied spaces.

Rheem Electric Water Heaters

Olin Plumbing is proud to offer Rheem® Residential Electric Water Heaters to our customers. Rheem® has been producing award winning heating and cooling solutions for over 65 years and they offer a wide range of electric water heaters for consumers seeking a hot water solution that will not only fit into their budget, but their lifestyle as well.

In an effort to make your search a little easier we've included the tables below showcasing some key points of various models in different series that Rheem® offers. If you would like further assistance in selecting a new water heater please feel free to give us a call and we would be happy to assist you. We offer professional water heater installation by our experienced and well trained plumbers so you can sit back and rest assured that the installation will be performed safely and correctly. In addition, we can also show you how to best care for your new water heater in order that you may get the most life out of it. Call us today at (813) 443-5820 or (727) 443-2174 and put the professionals at Olin Plumbing to work for you.

Rheem® Professional Prestige Series Models

Description Energy Info
Type Gal. Cap. Model # Energy Factor Energy Star
Electric Models
Tall 40 PROPE40 T2 RH95 EC2 0.95  
Tall 50 PROPE50 T2 RH95 EC2 0.95  
Hybrid Heat Pump Models
Tall 50 PROPH50 T2 RH245 2.45 X
Tall 80 PROPH80 T2 RH245 2.45 X

Rheem® Professional Classic Plus Series Models

Description Energy Info
Type Gal. Cap. Model # Energy Factor Energy Star
Standard Electric Models
Tall 30 PRO+E30 T2 RH95 EC1 0.95  
Tall 40 PRO+E40 T2 RH95 EC1 0.95  
Tall 50 PRO+E50 T2 RH95 EC1 0.95  
Tall 55 PRO+E55 T2 RH95 EC1 0.95  
Med 30 PRO+E30 M2 RH95 EC1 0.95  
Med 40 PRO+E40 M2 RH95 EC1 0.95  
Med 50 PRO+E50 M2 RH95 EC1 0.95  

Rheem® Professional Classic Series Models

Description Energy Info
Type Gal. Cap. Model # Energy Factor Energy Star
Standard Electric Models
Tall 30 PROE30 T2 RH95 0.95  
Tall 40 PROE40 T2 RH95 0.95  
Tall 50 PROE50 T2 RH95 0.95  
Tall 55 PROE55 T2 RH94 0.95  
Med 30 PROE30 M2 RH95 0.95  
Med 40 PROE40 M2 RH95 0.95  
Med 50 PROE50 M2 RH95 0.95  
Short 19.9 PROE20 S2 RH --  
Short 28 PROE28 S2 RH95 0.95  
Short 30 PROE30 S2 RH95 0.95  
Short 36 PROE36 S2 RH95 0.95  
Short 38 PROE38 S2 RH95 0.95  
Short 47 PROE47 S2 RH95 0.95  
Standard Electric Models for manufactured housing
Tall 19.9 PROE20 1 RH MH --  
Tall 30 PROE30 1 RH95 MH 0.95  
Tall 30 PROE30 2 RH95 MH 0.95  
Tall 40 PROE40 1 RH95 MH 0.95  
Tall 40 PROE40 2 RH95 MH 0.95  
Tall 50 PROE50 1 RH95 MH 0.95  
Tall 50 PROE50 2 RH95 MH 0.95  

NOTE: All the information in the tables above was obtained from the Rheem® Residential Electric Water Heaters section of their website.