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Toilet Repair and Replacement in Tampa

Keep Your Toilet In Good Working Order

You use your toilet everyday so it is important that it is always in good working order. This ensures that you maintain a healthy environment in your home and that it will work when you need it to. At Olin Plumbing Inc. we are experts in toilet maintenance, repair and replacement. When you give us a call you can rest assured that your toilet is in good hands. With over 50 years of plumbing experience under our belt, there isn't much that we haven't seen and that we do not know how to repair or replace properly.

Toilet repair is one of the most common plumbing repairs done in homes today. This is probably due to the fact that there are anywhere from 300 to 350 million toilets in the U.S. alone. Due to the vast number of toilets, we have repaired many toilets in homes throughout the Tampa area so we are very accustomed to the products used and how they are installed here locally. We also have done many toilet replacements as well; this is usually called for when either a home owner decides to replace their toilet with maybe a more efficient one or when a toilet is simply beyond repair.

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Toilet Repair and Replacement Tampa

How A Toilet Works

Most homes in the Tampa Bay Area as well as the rest of the United States have what is referred to as a Flush Toilet. These toilets are designed to flush using an exact amount of water. If the water level in a toilet tank is too low, the waste will not clear the trap in the toilet. Toilets fill by using an automatic fill valve (ballcock), when the level of the water in the tank is lowered the ballcock will release water back into the tank making the toilet ready for the next flush. Since this ballcock is mechanical, it will tend to wear out over time and need to be replaced sometime during the life of your toilet. Toilets also have a seal at the bottom of the tank; most toilets use what is called a flapper seal. This keeps the water in the tank until the toilet is flushed. The seal at the bottom of the tank is made of rubber and will deteriorate over time. When this happens, water will escape into the toilet bowel, reducing the level of water in the tank and causing the toilet not to flush properly. It will also cause your water bill to increase if not taken care of and replaced.

Repairing Your Toilet

If you have read the paragraph above, you now understand that there various mechanical parts within your toilet's tank that enable your toilet to flush the water down the toilet bowl. When these parts become worn or break they need to be replaced. This is a task that some home owners know how to tackle, but there are many who don't know how to properly repair their toilet and may be afraid they will purchase the wrong part or just make matters worse. If you are one who falls into the latter category, then your best bet is to give Olin Plumbing a call, we know how to fix any toilet and the correct parts to use. Normally we will already have these parts on our truck ready for the job. So remember, when in doubt, call Olin out and don't waste your valuable time trying to do yourself.

Replacing Your Toilet

All toilets are not created equal and buying the wrong toilet can cost you much more in the long run than the cost of the toilet in the first place. Since there are many makes and models available on the market today from many different manufacturers, it is important that you do your research before you buy a new toilet because you want one that works when you need it to work and will also save you money on your water bill. If you are unsure which toilet you should purchase, feel free to give us a call and we can advise you on which toilet would work best for you in your home.

Why You Should Call Olin Plumbing Inc.

Here at Olin Plumbing Inc. we are toilet experts, we benefit from years of hands on experience in toilet repair and toilet replacement. We can take care of your toilet issues and help keep you and your home healthy. Olin Plumbing Inc. can repair or replace your toilet and ensure it is always in proper working order. If you are experiencing toilet troubles, give us a call today at (813) 443-5820 or (727) 443-2174 and flush your toilet troubles away!