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Jan Biggart

5 Star Review

This is my first home and first time needing a plumber; leaking shower head that was poorly installed. Joe arrived right on time and was very professional, efficient and friendly. He explained the issue, set expectations (luckily everything went smoothly ) and fixed our issue. He corrected the contractors work! And he was here about an hour! I would definetly use Olin Plumbing again! Thanks Joe! Thumbs up!

Cassandra Benoit

5 Star Review

Had to wait about 2 days before being able to get soneone to help... but it was all worth the wait. Bob was extremely professional and friendly. He was able to determine what my issue was, took care of it and gave recommendations. I hope not to have anymore plumbing issues... but if I do, I will certainly give them a call.

Tailored Twig

5 Star Review

We just bought a new ice machine for our studio and called Olin Pluming to install it since they had such great reviews online. Jennifer was so pleasant on the phone and was able to send over a plumber that same day. Someone showed up within the hour and was very helpful in describing what we needed and provided us with a quote. Once the quote was approved, we called Olin Plumbing right back to schedule a plumber to install it. Bob showed up the following morning and had the ice machine installed within a couple of hours. He was very professional and thorough in his work. We will definitely return to Olin Plumbing for any future plumbing needs.

Leah Whitley

5 Star Review

Initially, I called a different plumbing company, who stated they would call me later in the afternoon, as they had other appointments in the area. They never called, so I contacted Olin Plumbing as a second option. Judy answered the phone and was so helpful and pleasant to speak with. She set up a consultation for the next day (Friday) and said the plumber would arrive between 9am and 1pm. I figured it would be later in the day, but Judy called around 9am (as promised) to let me know that Bob was on his way.

I had a friend meet Bob at my house, as I was at work. Bob called upon arrival and I explained the issue. He called again once he had assessed the situation and let me know what was needed and the approximate cost. I had to purchase a new faucet so he told me to call and schedule another appointment once I had purchased the faucet.

I called promptly on Monday morning and spoke with Judy again. I set up an appointment for 530pm on Wednesday. They were extremely accommodating, as I don't get off work until 5pm and needed time to drive home.

Joe came to actually fix the faucet, as it was late in the day and he lived closer to my house than Bob. He was extremely efficient without rushing and didn't act like it was an inconvenience to be working that late. He was extremely friendly and polite as well. With 30+ years experience as a plumber, I would trust him to fix any future issues I have.

I was very pleased with the overall experience with Olin Plumbing and would recommend them to anyone. I appreciated the fact that they kept in contact with me and were able to fix the problem rather quickly. Thanks Olin Plumbing!!!

Tamisha Hargrove

5 Star Review

I called on the greatest plumbing company today! Yes, Olin Plumbing is the greatest in the Tampa Bay area. This company really knows how to WOW their customers. My favorite plumber came to the rescue. The one and only....Joe! He wasted no time solving the problem. In the midst of working on the issue, he even made time for "small talk". Yes, he is a multitask-master!!

Thank you Joe for taking time out to explain to me the necessary steps I must take to prevent this from recurring in the future. I'll be sure to tell my mom you said, Hello! :-)


5 Star Review

Hello and Good Day. I just wanted to say how pleased I am with Olin's prompt and exceptional service. The young lady I spoke with on the phone was kind ,courteous and very helpful. The plumber that has come to my property on two calls Joe...... Well I don't think that there is enough good that can be said about this gentleman. He is very honest, personable, a hard worker and discussed a few different options regarding repairs on one call. He informed me up front what the cost for the repairs would be on both calls. No surprises, no hidden charges. His courtesy and honesty were refreshing and I must say that he is a real asset to your business and reflects very positively on Olin Plumbing. I would add that he was very conscientious when it came to the final clean up and checking his repairs. Truly wish that my encounters with others when dealing with businesses where handled with the care exhibited by Joe. He is deserving of recognition for a fine job and I hope that you'll pass along my thanks and an atta boy. Sincerely. Craig

Anne Wooley

5 Star Review

Joe at Olin Plumbing was top notch. He was professional and trustworthy from start to finish. He listened to our needs,offered reasonable options, and then completed the job quickly. Olin's staff was responsive and at our home within an hour of calling for service...that's effeciency!! Thank you Joe and the whole Olin team.

Kristen Bubis

5 Star Review

I was searching for a plumber near my new home and I found Olin Plumbing and I read some of the great customer reviews and I contacted Olin Plumbing and made an appointment to have my kitchen faucet replaced. Anthony came out and did an excellent job and provided great customer service as well. A couple of days later he came back to install our new garbage disposal. I will continue to use Olin Plumbing for all my plumbing needs. A++++ service Great Job Anthony!

Rosie R

5 Star Review

I had called Olin Plumbing they were very courteous on the phone and said, they would be out the next morning and they were. Joe had come out; he was knowledgeable and very courteous as well. I would definitely use them again.

Lea Porter

5 Star Review

We called Olin plumbing to help with a slow running drain and a leak under my sink. Joe arrived on time, was very pleasant, and fixed everything very fast. We liked our service so much that we had another issue with our water line to our dish washer so we called Joe, Came out again and replaced our line pronto. I would definitely recommend them and Joe especially.

Kim Restrepo

5 Star Review

We had an internal leak in our bathroom wall and Mike did a really great job in dealing with the issue. He was patient and very courteous in explaining what the problem was and how we was going to fix it. I will recommend this company to anyone. Awesome work!

Ida Booth

5 Star Review

I am ecstatic that my problem was resolved amazingly quickly by Mr. Joe C from Olin Plumbing. This is after originally calling another plumbing company at 4p today and not hearing anything further from them. I gave their receptionist my information and I have yet to hear back from them. Around 5p I decided to search the internet for someone else to call. I start reading the various reviews and the reviews on the original company were not at all flattering. Suddenly I understood why I have yet to hear from them.

I read the reviews on Olin and decided to give them a call. Jennifer answered the phone immediately and was the consummate professional.

She dispatched Joe and he was beyond professional and genuinely kind, and most importantly, he did not talk above my level of comprehension. I am super, super happy that I have water tonight, and I would definitely use this company in the future and I would highly recommend this company to anyone with plumbing issues.

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